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Learn to use your space to your selling advantage.

Set Your Self Up For Selling Success


Environments need depth, nuances, and interest because the environment around you (even online) reflects who you are and what you are about.

Think about all of the great television shows - Friends, Big Bang Theory, M*A*S*H - these television stages had depth and created a sense of space, connection, and relationship. You felt, as the viewer, that a relationship could unfold and develop here. And that business could happen too.

The same holds for your business stage. No matter if it is your dining room table, your spare bedroom, your guest closet, part of your hallway, or in an actual office space - the environment around you in your Zoom meeting, live training, IG lives, webinar, and overall work must be on brand and set the stage for your success.

Confidence, Connection, and Cashing In

How can you go from showing up but not showing off? Simple, you need the professional eye of international award-winning visual marketer Amy Lokken. Together you can create a selling stage perfect for your offer and audience.


With set tweaks, proper lighting, and knowing the right camera angles, Amy can help you go from showing to genuinely showing off.

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Dr. Dave Striegel, Striegel Performance Coaching

“Amy Lokken has a razor-sharp eye for structuring your surroundings, so they represent the most authentic version of you. Through a few simple yet strategic changes, she helped me transform my office space background from okay to awesome!”


I want our work together to be spot on for your needs, brand, and the relationship desires between you and your audience. Complete the form below and my team or I will get back to you within 24 hours about how I can best serve you and your selling stage.

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