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The Modern Marketplace


Yes, COVID has brought challenges into all of our lives. And one of these new universal business challenges is how your brand is going to show up online, on video, on-camera anywhere, anytime. 

From Zoom meetings to webinars, Facebook lives to Google chats, connecting with our co-workers and clients - must speak to your fundamental brand message.

No matter what industry you are in, you have to show up, stand out, and fully embody what your brand and offer is all about 24/7/365. Beyond just having the perfect sales pitch, your space must reflect the energy, professionalism, and intent of your brand if you want to close the deal.


Let’s be honest. Green screen, digital backgrounds, shower curtains, and pop-up backdrops - makes everyone (including your buying audience) go ‘hum. 🤔 We are left wondering what is going on, what are you hiding, and what are you really hiding when it comes to your brand’s offer. 


Your mind isn’t thinking about how their product can serve you. You aren’t thinking about how to create a winning business relationship. All you are thinking is, “If they are lying about their space, what else are they lying about?”


Yes, these quick fixes for your virtual brand environments are killing your sales more than they are stimulating them.

mud 7 (1).jpg

Lori Spiess, Founder CEO Work Awesome! OffiCenters

“Amy Lokken is so much more than a visual brand specialist. Her ability to research and understand businesses and offer creative ideas for capturing attention and branding has been invaluable. She’s helped us elevate the OffiCenter brand at trade shows and meetings, find solutions to showcase our network groups and achievements in our lobbies and front desks, and even elevated my home office so I could “zoom” with the proper backgrounds during online meetings.”

go deep

No matter if you work for a large corporation, social selling company, are an online influencer, consultant, coach, or thought leader - no matter your business, having positive relationships that run deep between your brand and your audience are essential to your long term success. 

Deep relationships need depth to succeed. They need depth in what you offer and your client experience (you know this.) But they also need depth in the space in which you offer it in.



TV Show Stages And Your Success

Yes, environments need to have depth, nuances, and interest because the environment around you (even online) is a reflection of who you are and what you are about. 

Think about all of the great television shows - Friends, Big Bang Theory, Gilmore Girls - these television stages had depth, created a sense of space, connection, and relationship. You felt, as the viewer, that a relationship could unfold and develop here. And that business could happen too. 

The same holds for your business stage. No matter if it is your dining room table, your spare bedroom, your guest closet, part of your hallway, or in an actual office space - the environment around you in your Zoom meeting, live training, IG lives, webinar, and overall work must be on brand and set the stage for your success.


But there is an answer.

There is a way to change the mood (or as we say müd) of your environment without using the fake backgrounds you know that don’t work, a costly remodel, or a massive binge shopping spree to Home Goods.


Meet Müd Modular. 

Müd Modular helps you create a brand experience that is flexible for whatever environment you are in and whatever aspect of your business you need to present at the moment. Yes, one Müd Modular set can have you going from killing at a sales call to rocking a live training event to owning that national media appearance. All on brand and with the depth of any excellent show stage. 

More than just your logo, Müd helps you see the whole environment your viewer experiences. From colors to textures, pictures, and pieces - Müd is designed to be as flexible as our post-COVID work lives need us to be.

Müd Modular Selling Stages For The Modern Marketplace.

Image by Christopher Burns

Let’s transform your space into your selling stage.

There’s no commitment, pressure, or obligation.

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